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Scum was reborn on the blockchain. Formerly a persona for an angsty teen's rebellious vandalism, "Scum" is now the name for a reserved and charming curator of jpegs and bullshit. 

Formally educated at the Youtube Academy of Fine Arts, Scum spent years as a light and shadow painter for the culinary arts, and brand builder for small businesses in his village. 

Today Scum spends his time creating chaotic and synchronous digital paintings and overthinking the weight of a profile picture to a manic degree. 


Auctions are held at:

FormFunction - COMING SOON

Secondary Marketplace:


Short interview about my influences as an artist.

Me hanging with the DeGod homies talking DeadGods, art, sobriety and future projects.

Featured artist and contributor of the CryptoGraf Canvas 2 -

Digital Painting of 'Solympus' as is displayed on the DeGods website homepage -

Contributing artist to the DeadGod asset collection. Completing around 30% of the total reimagined DeadGod traits.

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